Monday, April 02, 2012


Dhanush's Anthem for Sachin Tendulkar

After the massive hit of " Y this Kolaveri Di " song actor Dhanush dedicates an anthem describing and praising the Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar. Though this song didnt get more hype like his first song he has shown his dedication with whole heart as a big fan of  Sachin Tendulkar. Actor Dhanush has written the lyrics for Sachin anthem song and he himself sung in his own voice. Also Dhanush roped in Kollywood heartthrob actress Anushka to perform with him in the video song made for Sachin.

Sachin Tendulkar Anthem Video Song :

Tendulkar on Dhanush Performance :

Sachin Tendulkar also listened to the song made for him by Dhanush and applauded his hard work and dedication towards the making of the song. Sachin Tendulkar mentioned about Dhanush in the recent function after Tendulkar reached his 100th International Century against Bangladesh in Asia cup 2012.

Future Star Dhanush :

Super Star Rajinikanth's son-in-law Dhanush has been married to Aishwarya, daughter of Rajikanth a few years back. After that he rised as a lyricist and singer from his first massive song "Y This Kolaveri Di". Dhanush has also won national award for his performance as an actor in tamil movie Aadukalam which is based on rooster fight.


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