Thursday, March 29, 2012


Sachin Tendulkar Upper Cut Specialist

Sachin Tendulkar Upper Cut

The invention of upper cut shot is very difficult to execute in International cricket. Only two players from India are successful in playing upper cut quiet naturally. Guess who it will be? Absolutely master blaster Sachin Tendulkar and most aggressive batsman of India Virender Sehwag , who can easily cut off a bouncer ball to six or nearly to the boundary line.

How Sachin does it ?

Sachin Tendulkar is far most capable of middling the upper cut shot and smash it for a six. No one can forget Sachin upper cut off Brett Lee in Border-Gavaskar trophy 2007-2008.Upper cut is one of the favorite shots of Sachin Tendukar. Every time you try to bowl a quicker bouncer he will cut it for a boundary or a six with ease. Tendulkar was leading run scorer in that series with 493 runs from 4 test matches. Most of his upper cut came off from very first ball to upset the bowler, because the bowler would have thought a second that he bowled a very good ball to Sachin. In 2011 India played Australia in the first test at Melbourne. After tea Tendulkar upper cut off the first ball for six. When Sachin Tendulkar plays upper cut one can say that he is in exceptional form. As Michael Kasprowicz said, "Don't bowl him bad balls, he hits the good ones for fours".

Sachin Tendulkar Upper Cut Video Collection :

However Virender Sehwag also plays upper cut shot often, but he has failed some times to complete the shot when it would be a slower bouncer ball. Sehwag is often caught at the third man region.Fielder in the third man region will be aware of it always, whenever a bowler bowls a bouncer or short ball bouncer. In the CB-Series 2011 Sehwag get caught in the third man region more than two times trying to hit a wider ball. It must have been a difficult shot to execute it when someone plays in a very big ground like Melbourne or Sydney cricket ground. When you play in Sub-Continent it will be a very short distance on the back side so that you can easily upper cut it off for six.

Every time you bowl shorter or wide away from the crease Sehwag will smash it to third man region over the boundary for six. He brings up an enormous bat speed with good timing to just flick it off over boundary line. Young cricketers have to learn a lot from these legendary players. 


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